Questions & Answers

Are you independent?
I am completely and totally 100% independent.

Do you allow reviews?
I so enjoy doing this. Not having reviews like a performer lets me feel unfettered and free. I'm going to be more relaxed, and we're both going to have a better time because of it. If you'd like to see what a gentleman friend had to say about me, please feel free to see what a well respected reviewer had to say on the TER message boards. https://www.lovekaramiro.net/thoughts/2018/4/20/my-ter-review-sorta

Do you also enjoy spending time with other women?
Yes, and I make a habit of it. If you next question is about couples, the answer to that question is yes too.

MUST there be some kind of cultural event involved, for us to connect?
Absolutely not. My interests are thoroughly varied, and if a relaxed evening of good company and sensuality is what's on the menu, I'm game for that too.

Can you, Kara, a New York native, plan us a spectacular evening?
I absolutely can. Be it in New York or anywhere else, I have a 6th sense for finding the best restaurants and performances.

Can you start our meal with a cocktail, eat a 32 ounce steak, put away a few bottles of wine, and then have dessert?
Oh, if we lived in a perfect world, I certainly could! I am a self confirmed food slut, and I eat just what I want when I want. To keep my delicious figure though, I do everything in moderation. Please don't feel offended, if I don't keep up with you bite for bite and sip for sip. That said, I like men with appetites. No need to slow yourself down on my account.

Can you provide an incall location?
I am most easily available to go on outcall dates. At this time, in NYC and D.C., if a gentleman would like to reimburse me for the cost, I am happy to make arrangements for incalls as well.

On Eros it says you’re available now. Does this mean you can see me right away?
The Eros Guide and a few other websites have decided to give viewing priority to ladies who are able to be “Available Now,” as they say. However, as this is a hobby for me, I’m not able to waltz out of the office as easily as I’d like. If you see that I’m “Available Now,” it doesn't mean I'm immediately free. It does increase the likelihood that we'll find each other in the first place though.

What little something else could I bring you? 
That is entirely unnecessary and incredibly sweet. If you must bring me something, bring me a good book.

Do you send face shots? 
I am frequently seen in public with my clients, and for their discretion, I do not. Your privacy is paramount to me. Think of my face as an exciting little mystery. I promise you won't be disappointed.